The Hidden Hoard of Iceland

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The Hidden Hoard of Iceland

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Hidden deep in the icy hills of Iceland is a fantastic hoard of treasure. Centuries ago, when the Vikings still ruled supreme, Erick the Red killed a great dragon. The treasure, believed to be cursed, remains in the cave where it was placed by the dragon. Although it is hard to find, several brave souls have seen it. Entombed in a cave of ice, described as larger than a castle the hoard is said to hold:

Although the treasure is still there for the taking, the bitter cold and shifting snow serves to hide it from all but a select few. Locals who know of the hoard will earnestly try to dissuade any from seeking it, believing it to be cursed. Some legends hold that removing treasure will bring misfortune to the land, and a few say that the great dragon will be raised if his hoard is disturbed. It is certainly true that many have died looking for the treasure, and none have been known to take any from the hoard, so it may well be protected by some ancient art.