A Non-Public School serving students with exceptional needs

As of July 1, 2015 Unicorn School is closed permanently. If you have any questions or concerns please contact James Dean at 707-489-2919 or jamzdean1@gmail.com

Unicorn School is a comprehensive, nonpublic, nonsectarian school providing special education services in a Special Day Class setting. The school serves the youth in residence at Unicorn Youth Services, Inc., a residential treatment program. Unicorn School is operated by Unicorn Business Services, Inc. and is located in rural Mendocino County, in the small town of Philo.

Unicorn School was founded in 1981 to meet the needs of youth in foster care. In 2003 Unicorn Business Services began administering the school. Throughout the years the focus of Unicorn School has been to provide quality services for foster youth with special needs.

Unicorn School provides a full day educational program designed to meet or exceed state standards. The program consists of both educational and behavioral components. Each student's individual program is developed for his unique needs. Unicorn School prides itself on its successful combination of academic rigor and positive behavioral change. In addition to core curricular areas, Unicorn School provides a wide range of artistic, vocational, and life-skills programs. Social work services and counseling services are also available to meet the needs of the students.

The teaching staff at Unicorn School are a highly motivated and diverse group of professionals focused on maximizing student success. The student to teacher ratio at Unicorn School is 3 to 1.