The Curious and Useful Properties of Dragons

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Famous Dragon Hordes
Saint George and the Dragon

A more curious and useful beast than the dragon cannot be found in any land. Of all the creatures, large and small, the dragon is the most fierce and cunning. Coupled with his cunning is the great strength of the dragon. Dragons can easily topple tall trees in a single blow, and have been known to cast great stones many leagues. Most dangerous of all the dragon's features is his subtle tongue, the words of a dragon are poisonous and can put all who hear into a trance, whereby the dragon can easily consume his prey.

Dragons grow to great sizes and live to great ages if not killed. Each dragon has on its head a curious crest, in appearance like a crown and covered all over with the most precious gems. Many men, beguiled by tales of the great wealth of jewels, have endevered to kill a dragon, only to be killed by its sharp teeth piercing claws. he tail of the dragon is very long and slender, like the body of a snake, and bears a sting so sharp it can pierce any metal. Furthermore this sting is provided with a curious posion, so strong as to kill instantly all it touches.

Dragons feast upon the flesh of beasts, even the most ferocious bears and wolves are no match for the dragon.